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Information about our company

Smart delivery is a courier service that forwards postal items and delivers various goods. The company always meets its client halfway, thereby fulfilling additional delivery conditions - confidentiality, cargo assembly, delivery outside business hours, or the availability of additional packaging for the goods.

Кристина Дедуель, Директор

Christina Deduel



Каблуков Евгений, Заместитель директора

Kablukov Evgeniy

Deputy Director


Customer Service Specialists

Always in touch with you and ready to answer any of your questions

Войтехович Мария, Специалисты по работе с клиентами

Voitekhovich Maria


photo_2024-04-19 16.01.49.jpeg

Rusinovich Daria


Rusinovich Daria

photo_2024-04-20 12.39.00.jpeg

Rusinovich Daria


We are coming to you in any weather at the speed of light

photo_2024-04-18 19.51.01.jpeg

Gavrilovich Vitaly


Это мы едем к вам в любую погоду со скоростью света

photo_2024-04-18 19.51.01.jpeg

Gavrilovich Vitaly

photo_2024-04-18 13.51.59.jpeg

Gavrilovich Vitaly

photo_2024-04-18 19.44.32.jpeg

Dudarenok Andrey

photo_2024-04-20 12.39.53.jpeg

Dudarenok Andrey


Ваш груз в надежных руках

photo_2024-05-22 20.10.20.jpeg

Gavrilovich Vitaly

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